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How To Make A Video Collage?

Video Collage is probably the easiest way to create attention-seeking videos to upload on your social media pages and other public online sources. 

A video college does not have a structure, and this feature in itself shall help you make delectable videos. 

how to make a video collage

There are several editing tools available in the market that can help you create videos.

However, it would help if you were more careful while selecting the tool, as most tools are feature-rich. 

And the one you can select must be user-friendly and the one that suits your editing style as well. This article shall help you learn the method to make video collage.

How To Make A Video Collage?

Of course, you need a suitable editing tool. But the other requisites are mentioned below.

1. A stack of pictures 

2. Good Desktop or Laptop that has storage space in it.

The second pointer is always emphasized as you create videos because any tool's rendering process depends on the RAM capacity. 

Further, the storage space determines the speed with which you can upload the pictures to the tool. 

Further, a video collage requires a piece of suitable music too. But, let us not worry about that. 

As such, many tools that have pre-made templates also have soundtrack clips. Further, if you are planning to use Invideo to Create Video Collage, then the task of finding the best music track shall be easy too.

It is one of the best video collage maker as well. With 4000+ templates available, you can use any template for any niche and find them in a snap as you start editing the video. 

Let's quickly learn how to make a video collage.

1. Select Suitable Tool

This is primary for any video collage making. As we discussed earlier, it is always better to use a tool that suits your style. 

Experts recommend selecting two to three tools and using all of them to find the one that is conducive to your style and budget. 

If you are planning to use InVideo, you need not worry about the price plan, as you can get a free plan that you can use to make 60 videos a month without any hassle.

2. Select The Theme

You must be ready with the pivot of the idea for your video collage. What is that you are planning to convey as a message to the audience. 

Is it just an entertainment video or a video with an intense massage?

Either way, you must select the theme of the video. Please remember, the entire video will revolve around the theme that you select. 

Further, this factor can help you carry out the other tasks mentioned here easily.

3. Stack The Pictures In Sequence

A video collage is usually made using numerous pictures. And the pictures must be in a sequence to make some sense. 

Though you may make changes to the sequence later if you are not satisfied with the output, you make a tentative list of pictures and number them accordingly. 

In this way, you can be organized, and it becomes easy to upload the pictures as well. 

4. Select The Right Music

You can make a video with enticing music. Select the one that matches the theme as well as the pictures selected. 

You definitely would not want an unsynchronized version of your video with horrible music that does not even suit the ambiance of the visuals.

Even if the video is going to be for a short duration, the music plays a vital role in enhancing the video output. You can select one or two music tracks. 

If you are planning to employ more than three tracks, sequence them accordingly to be organized to edit the video.

Now, you are ready with all the requirements. Using these elements, let us create a video collage.

Step 1: Open the Tool and Select a Premade Template

Most of the tools have premade templates to create videos. Select the one that best suits your requirements. 

Video Collage Editor shall help you with numerous templates, and you can also find customized ones for your need. You can use the search bar to search for specific templates for a particular niche. 

Step 2: Upload the Pictures 

You can upload the pictures in sequence. You can also upload all the pictures at once. The video collage makers drag and drop feature in many of the tools helps you select the picture with your mouse pointer. 

All you have to do is, drag the picture and place it on the template. Make adjustments in such a way that the pictures are clear and adds value to the visuals. You can also crop the pictures if needed.

Step 3: Add Music to the Video

Now is the time you add music to your visuals. You can scroll through the timeline and add different tracks as well. 

As you do it, use the tool's feature to preview the video. It will give you the actual idea if the output is satisfactory or not. 

A few tools do not give this feature; you will have to download the see for the mistakes, which professionals consider a daunting task. 

Step 4: Save the Video and Start Sharing

Once you are done editing for your satisfaction, you can save the video locally. Now the video is ready for upload. 

The Bottom Line

Making a video collage requires creativity and a sense of color as well. One must ensure to give a perfect background to the video to create a great visual impact.

Further, the music must not overdo the visual aspect. If there is a need for placing texts on the video, ensure that the fonts are not of color. It is recommended to place darker fonts.

Finally, when you create a video collage, let it be crisp to create a massive impact on the audience. 

A video collage tells a million stories into one single video. Therefore, as per the subject or topic of the video create an amazing video collage.


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